Tests to detect Tuberculosis – An Update

Tuberculosis or TB is one of the earliest infectious diseases known to affect humans and it still ranks among the top life-threatening diseases. Despite several advancements in treatment and healthcare facilities, the situation is India is worsening every year. And the main reason behind it is development of drug-resistant TB (tuberculosis caused due to resistant strains of bacteria causing the disease).


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Vitamin B12 testing

‘Why vitamin B12 is important for one’s health’ – Jan 8, 2012, Economic Times
‘Vitamin B12 eludes 8 out of 10 Indians’ – Sep 7, 2012, Times of India
‘Vitamin B12 deficiency can be sneaky, harmful’ – Harvard Health Blog, January 10, 2013
‘Tired? It could be vitamin deficiency’ – Hindustan Times , October 20, 2013


Why the sudden focus on Vitamin B12 testing?

The human body needs vitamin B12 to make red blood cells, nerves, DNA, and carry out other functions. Like most vitamins, B12 can’t be made by the body. It has to be obtained from food or supplements.

Some people don’t consume enough vitamin B12 to meet their needs, and others cannot absorb enough, so vitamin B12 deficiency is relatively common.

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Testing for Diabetes

How is diabetes diagnosed?

The fasting blood glucose (sugar) test is the preferred way to diagnose diabetes.. After the person has fasted overnight (at least 8 hours), a single sample of blood is drawn and analysed.


For the test to give reliable results, you must be

  • In good health
  • Normally active
  • Not be taking medicines that could affect the blood glucose

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HIV Testing

Why is a HIV Test done?

  • HIV testing is done to confirm the diagnosis in those who are newly infected, to identify previously unrecognized infections, and to relieve the minds of those who are not infected.
  • It is important for pregnant women to be tested because medications are very effective in reducing transmission of HIV from mother to baby.


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Pregnancy Test


A pregnancy test may let you know, one way or the other, if you are pregnant.

What is a pregnancy test and how does it work?

A home pregnancy test detects the presence of the pregnancy hormone, human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), in your urine. This usually happens — but not always — about six days after fertilization. If you’re pregnant, levels of hCG continue to rise rapidly, doubling every two to three days. Continue reading Pregnancy Test