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  • Allergy Test - Food and Respiratory Panel 40 allergens

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    Food Panel Respiratory Panel
    Cow's milk Timothy grass
    Egg yolk Cultivated rye
    Cow's milk powder Corn
    Wheat flour Eucalyptus
    Shrimp Eucalyptus (Pollen)
    Rice False ragweed
    Soybean Carnation flower
    Coconut Rape (Pollen)
    Wheat Flour Der. Farinae
    Peanut Sunflower
    Coconut Mite Mix 1
    Apple Dermatophagoides farinae
    Grape Cockroach
    Potato Cat
    Spinach Dog
    Onion Pigeon feathers
    Cucumber Chicken feathers
    Chicken meat Aspergillus fumigatus
    Mustard Tricophyton ment
    Coffee Cotton yarn
    Ginger Straw dust
    Shrimp Jute
    Prawn Sheep's wool

    Test Cost Rs. 7900/-

    For more information, please contact us at +91 22 66949876 / 9833141024 or email us at disha@pathologylabindia.com for any test requirement or any query related to our pathology lab

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