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  • Allergy Test - 80 Allergen Test Panel for screening

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    Allergen Group Allergen
    Grass Mix Bermuda grass, Orchard grass, Timothy grass, Maize, Rye
    Tree Mix 1 Alder, Birch, Oak, Poplar
    Tree Mix 2 Acacia, Eucalyptus, Mesquite, Mulberry Tree
    Tree Mix 3 Cedar, Cypress, Juniper/Savin Tree
    Weed Mix 1 Hibiscus, Rape, Sorrel
    Weed Mix 2 Cocklebur, Sunflower, Chrysanthemum, Wormwood, Ambrosia
    Mite Mix Euroglyphus maynei, Dermatophagoides farinae, Dermatophagoides pterronyssinus, Tyrophagus    putrescentiae, Glycophagus, Cockroach
    Epithelia Mix Cow, Dog, Mouse, Rat, Cat
    Insect Mix Bee venom, Wasp venom, Bumblebee venom, Mosquito
    Mold Mix 1 Alternaria alternata, Cladosporium herbarum, Cladosporium cladosporoides, Stemphyllium    botryosum
    Mold Mix 2 Aspergillus fumigatus, Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus flavus, Aspergilus versicolor
    Mold Mix 3 Penicillium notatum, Penicillium chrysogenum, Candida albicans
    Food Mix 1 Egg-white, Milk Powder, Casein
    Food Mix 2 Chicken, Lamb/Mutton, Pork
    Food Mix 3 Rice, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Mustard
    Seafood Mix Crab, Shrimp, Haddock
    Nut Mix Cashew-nuts, Coconuts, Peanuts
    Fruit Mix 1 Bananas, Mango, Latex
    Fruit Mix 2 Pineapple, Green apples, Orange, Grapefruit
    Legume Mix Green Beans, Chick Peas, Kidney Beans, Lentils, Peas, Soya Beans

    Test Cost Rs. 7900/-

    For more information, please contact us at +91 22 66949876 / 9833141024 or email us at disha@pathologylabindia.com for any test requirement or any query related to our pathology lab

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