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    The main test for high blood pressure is simple, fast, and painless. These are the usual steps:

    Sit quietly for 5 minutes before the test, with both feet flat on the floor and with your arm resting on the arm of the chair so that the arm is level with your heart.

    An inflatable sleeve, called a cuff, is wrapped around your upper arm. It's attached to an instrument that will show your blood pressure numbers and pulse rate

    The person taking your blood pressure seals the cuff and pumps it up. You feel tight pressure as the cuff cuts off the blood flow in your arm.

    Next, the cuff is gradually loosened and the machine gives a reading (higher and lower)of your blood pressure

    If this test shows that your blood pressure is high, you will have to get it tested two more times. This will confirm that you have high blood pressure.

    It is recommend that you may meet a physician for disgnosis and management of your high blood pressure.


    Cost Rs. 1500/-

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