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    When should you be tested?

    Infertility isn't just a woman's problem. Men can have fertility problems, too. When a couple is having a hard time getting pregnant, it is just as likely to be caused by a problem with a man's fertility as it is with a woman's fertility.


    Cost Rs. 6500/-


    • CBC
    • ESR
    • Blood Sugar - Fasting and PP
    • Insulin - Fasting and PP
    • VDRL, HbsAg
    • HIV
    • HCV
    • Blood Group & Rh
    • Hb Electrophoresis
    • Rubella IgG
    • Vitamin B12
    • Vitamin D3
    • Free T3
    • Free T4
    • TSH
    • FSH
    • LH (on day 2 or day 3 of period)
    • Prolactin
    • E2 (on day 2 or day 3 of period)
    • AMH (Anti Mullerian Hormone)

    Diagnosing Male infertility problems

    A general physical examination and medical history is taken which includes examining your genitals and questions about any inherited conditions, chronic health problems, illnesses, injuries or surgeries that could affect fertility. Your doctor may also ask about your sexual habits and about your sexual development during puberty.

    You will be asked to give a semen sample so that your sperm and seminal fluid can be examined. This is called a semen analysis. Semen is generally obtained by masturbating and ejaculating into a special container at the lab. Your semen is examined for the amount of seminal fluid, the sperm count - how many sperm there are, how quickly the sperm move, and the size, shape, and appearance of sperm. The lab will also check your semen for signs of problems such as infection.

    Problems with any of these factors can make it more difficult to get a woman pregnant. You may also have a blood test to find out if there are any hormone problems.

    How is Male Infertility Treated?

    Treatment is available for male fertility problems. Male infertility treatment options include

    • Surgery
    • Medication
    • Hormone Treatment

    If a man's sperm are not able to fertilize an egg, donor sperm - another man's sperm - can be used.

    Surgery, medication, hormone treatments, and donor sperm may be used alone or along with other treatments that help the egg and sperm unite.

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