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  • Lipid Profile

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    The lipid profile is a group of tests that are often ordered together to determine risk of coronary heart disease. The tests that make up a lipid profile are tests that have been shown to be good indicators of whether someone is likely to have a heart attack or stroke caused by blockage of blood vessels (hardening of the arteries)


    The lipid profile includes total cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol (often called good cholesterol), LDL-cholesterol (often called bad cholesterol), and triglycerides.

    Sometimes the report will include additional calculated values such as HDL/Cholesterol ratio or a risk score based on lipid profile results, age, sex, and other risk factors.


    The lipid profile is used to guide physicians in deciding how a person at risk should be treated. The results of the lipid profile are considered along with other known risk factors of heart disease to develop a plan of treatment and follow-up.

    Lipid Profile

    Cost Rs. 450/-

    Who should be screened for Lipid Disorders?

    • All men aged 35 and older and all women aged 45 and older
    • Younger adults (men aged 20-35 and women aged 20-45) should be screened if they have other risk factors for heart disease which include
      • Tobacco use
      • Diabetes
      • Family history of heart disease or high cholesterol
      • High blood pressure

    See how your cholesterol numbers compare to the tables below.
    (According to the ATP III Cholesterol Guidelines NHLBI)

    Total Cholesterol Level Total Cholesterol Category
    Less than 200 mg/dL Desirable
    200-239 mg/dL Borderline high
    240 mg/dL and above High
    HDL Cholesterol Level HDL Cholesterol Category
    Less than 40 mg/dL A major risk factor for heart disease.
    40 - 59 mg/dL The higher, the better.
    60 mg/dL and above Considered protective against heart disease
    LDL Cholesterol Level LDL Cholesterol Category
    Less than 100 mg/dL Optimal
    100-129 mg/dL Near optimal/above optimal
    130-159 mg/dL and above Borderline high
    160-189 mg/dL High
    190 mg/dL and above Very high
    Triglycerdes Level Triglycerdes Category
    < 150 mg/dL High
    150-199 mg/dL Borderline high
    200-499 mg/dL High
    > 500 mg/dL Very high
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