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  • Premarital Blood Testing

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    Getting married? Get a Pre-marital Blood Test done today!

    Pre-marital Profile is a group of tests for those who are planning to get married.
    Usually you are not fully aware of the exact condition of your health,
    You may look healthy, but may have undetected health problems,
    Or you may be a silent carrier of infectious or hereditary diseases.

    Premarital Blood Testing Profile

    Cost Rs.3900/-

    The tests included in the profile are as follows:

    • CBC
    • Blood group Rh
    • Glucose - R
    • HIV 1&2
    • HBsAg
    • VDRL
    • Thalassemia Minor Screen
    • Urine Routine
    • X Ray Chest.
    • Optional test : Semen Analysis (Males only)
    • Thyroid Profile (Females only)

    For couples considering marriage, pre-marital screening helps identify potential health problems and risks for themselves and also their offspring. It is vital for couples to be screened in order to aid them to understand their genetics and help them take the necessary precautions or treatments.

    Importance of Pre-marital screening

    • Assess the general health status
    • Detect infectious diseases e.g. HIV and Hepatitis B infection
    • Screen hereditary conditions that may effect the future offspring e.g. Thalassemia
    • Screen for fertility problems
    For more information, please contact us at +91 22 66949876 / 9833141024 or email us at disha@pathologylabindia.com for any test requirement or any query related to our pathology lab

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