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  • Allergy Test - Respiratory Panel 20 allergens

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    Allergen Name Common Name
    Bermuda Grass Indian Ghaas
    Maize (Pollen) Corn
    Mesquite (Pollen) Angrezi bavaliya / Pahadi Kokar
    Mulberry Tree (Pollen) Tut ki pushp renu
    Eucalyptus (Pollen) Tailapatra, Sughandapatra Tailaparna
    Cocklebur common (Pollen) Chota Dhatura
    Artemesia vulgaris/mugwort (Pollen) Medicinal Herb, Nagdona, Indian Wormwood drives away insects. So the leaves and    flowers are put in boxes and cupboards.
    Rape (Pollen) Sarson, Pila sarson, Raya sarson, Pilirai
    Der. Farinae Dust Mite
    Rat Epithelia/hair Chuhe ki khaal / baal
    House fly Makhi
    Mosquito Machar
    Alternaria tenuis Fungi plant mold, enters our homes on the skins of fruits and vegetables, often found    growing on carpets, textiles and horizontal surfaces such as window frames and in water    damaged buildings. It is commonly found in soil, seeds and plants.
    Aspergillus fumigatus Fungus found in soil habitats, construction areas, or other dusty environments.
    Aspergillus nidulans Fungus found in mild to warm soils and on slowly decaying plants
    Cladosporium Cladosporoides Fungus isolated from meat, soil, air, textiles and paint.
    Curvularia lunata Fungus found soil, plants, and cereals in tropical or subtropical areas
    Penicillium Chrysogenum fungus found on salted food products, and in indoor environments, especially in damp or    waterdamaged buildings
    Rhizopus Nigricans Bread mold, found on spoiled food, in soils, and even in children's sandboxes.
    Ben Venom Madhu makhi ka vish

    Test Cost Rs. 4900/-

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