• Operation Theatre Surveillance Programme

    Hospital Acquired Infections or Nosocomial Infections are those which occur in hospitalized patients and which were not present or incubating at the time of admission.

    Therefore, it is the need of the hour for hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and any facility with areas that require a sterility check to ensure that their environment (eg operating room) is sterile according to international standards and guidelines.

    Disha Pathology Services provides a service for the microbiological surveillance of operation theatres for a nominal cost.

    We assess the operation theatre and give guidelines based on international standards on the disinfection and sterilization procedures that should be followed.

    A monthly surveillance is usually recommended but it can be scheduled as per your requirements.

    Why is it necessary to involve pathology in infection control?

    The pathologist is responsible for

    • handling patient and staff specimens to maximize the likelihood of a microbiological diagnosis
    • developing guidelines for appropriate collection, transport, and handling of specimens
    • ensuring laboratory practices meet appropriate standards
    • ensuring safe laboratory practice to prevent infections in staff
    • performing antimicrobial susceptibility testing following internationally recognized methods, and providing summary reports of prevalence of resistance
    • monitoring sterilization, disinfection and the environment where necessary
    • epidemiological typing of hospital microorganisms where necessary

    A typical surveillance report of the operation theatre environment would include the following:

    • Site of collection
    • Date of collection
    • Name of the person collecting the samples
    • The colony count of the aerial flora
    • Predominant organisms isolated along with their colony counts
    • Water potability and coliform count
    • Autoclave efficiency by biological indicators


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