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  • Blood Group and Rh Typing

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    Blood looks similar in colour when you look at it, but biologically blood has various antigens found on the blood cells that make one blood type different from another. Hence, blood is typed or grouped according to the markers found in the bloods cells and the plasma. Using the right blood group and Rh system will help identifying the antibodies in your blood.

    Blood Group and Rh Typing

    Cost Rs. 200/-

    What is Blood Group and Rh typing test?

    The blood group and Rh type test identifies antigens on the surface of the blood cells and in the plasma in the blood. The most important antigens are blood group antigens (ABO) and the Rh antigen which is either positive or negative. Hence, a blood type test includes the ABO and Rh tests.

    Why is Blood Group and Rh test done?

    It is usually done before a person is donating or receiving a blood transfusion. It is important to know that both the donor and the recipient have the same type of blood group and Rh type. Also done before a person donates an organ for transplantation, or before a surgery. Pregnant women also undergo this test when they first get pregnant.

    Which blood group is compatible with mine?

    Below is the table that shows the compatibility of blood donors and recipient blood types.

    If you have You can receive
    A - A - O -
    A + A – A + O – O +
    B - B – O -
    B + B – B + O – O +
    AB - AB – O -
    AB + AB – AB + A – A + B – B + O – O +
    O - O -
    O + O – O +
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