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  • Blood Urea Nitrogen Test

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    The function of the kidney is to filter out the blood from impurities, waste products and excess water. The kidneys also produce hormones that regulate blood pressure and manage production of red blood cells. When the body breaks down proteins, urea nitrogen is created in the liver which is then excreted by the kidneys through the process of urination.

    Blood Urea Nitrogen Test

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    Why is the BUN test done? test?

    To evaluate the proper functioning of the kidneys. This test is normally accompanied by other few tests to diagnose the overall health condition. The BUN test can help doctors diagnose health conditions like urinary tract obstruction like kidney stones, liver damage, poor blood circulation, malnutrition, gastrointestinal bleeding and congestive heart failure. This test is also done to evaluate the dialysis treatment.

    How do I prepare for the test?

    Inform your doctor is you are taking medicines like vancomycin, tetracycline, rifampin, methyldopa, methotrexate and carbamazepine.

    Do not consume high protein food 24 hours before the test.

    What do the results indicate?

    The normal value range of blood urea nitrogen in children is 5 to 18 mg/dL and in adults it is 10 to 20 mg/dL.

    Higher BUN values indicate that you might be suffering from dehydration, high blood pressure, diabetes, high protein diet, gastrointestinal tract, and kidney failure.

    Lower values denote liver damage, low protein diet, pregnancy and overhydration.

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