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  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)

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    What is a Complete Blood Count?

    The Complete Blood Count is a blood test which evaluates your overall health and detects various disorders related to blood like anaemia, infection and leukaemia. This blood test takes into account various components of the blood like red and white blood cells, platelets and haemoglobin and hematocrit level. Any abnormal rise or fall in the blood cells may indicate that there may be an underlying medical condition which needs further evaluation.

    Complete Blood Count

    Cost Rs. 240/-

    Is It Really Important?

    Yes, there are many reasons why a complete blood count test is necessary.

    Reviewing your health from time to time is important to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Doctors may recommend complete blood count test as a part of your routine medical examination to ensure there are no underlying medical conditions.

    A complete blood count test is done to diagnose a medical condition especially when you are experiencing fever, fatigue, bruising, inflammation, weight loss, and bleeding. The test is also suggested when your doctor suspects that you might have an infection. Your doctor may also recommend this test before radiation treatment or before a surgery.

    If you are already suffering from a blood disorder in the past your doctor may recommend complete blood count test to monitor your current health condition. This test is also useful when your doctor wants to evaluate your health condition if you are taking certain medications which would affect the blood cell count.

    What are the normal complete blood count test results for adults?

    Normal Haemoglobin Count

    Male: 13.5-17.5 mg %

    Female: 12-15.5 mg%

    Normal White Blood Cell Count

    Male and Female: 3,500 to 10,500 cells/mcL

    Normal Platelet Count

    150,000 to 450,000/mcL

    Is the CBC test a conclusive test?

    A complete blood count test is usually to monitor your health and to evaluate if there are any underlying health conditions. It is not the ultimate or conclusive diagnostic test and at times the results ranging outside the normal range would not require a follow-up test. Your physician might want to take a look at your CBC results along with other additional tests to evaluate the actual health condition.

    Are there any specific instructions before the CBC test?

    The purpose of your complete blood count test is to monitor your overall health you can eat and drink normally before the test.

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