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  • Glucose Fasting and Post Prandial

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    Carbohydrate foods that we eat provide us with glucose which forms one of the main sources of energy in our body. While the right level of glucose in our blood is important to keep us active, higher levels of glucose can damage kidney, eyes and blood vessels.

    Glucose Fasting and Post Prandial

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    What is a Glucose Fasting and Post Prandial Test?

    A blood glucose test (fasting and post prandial) measures the amount of glucose in the blood. The fasting blood sugar (FBS) test measures blood glucose after the patient has not eaten for at least 8 to 10 hours. While the post prandial test measures blood glucose levels 2 hours after a meal (lunch).

    Why is it done?

    The fasting blood sugar (FBS) test is usually done to check for prediabetes and diabetes in the patient, while the post prandial blood sugar test is done to check if patients suffering diabetes are taking the right amount of insulin with their meals. Women undergo this test to check if they are suffering from diabetes during pregnancy also known as gestational diabetes. This test is also done to check is the patient is suffering from hypoglycemia (very low blood sugar level).

    How do I prepare for this test?

    To prepare for fasting blood sugar (FBS) test you must ensure that you do not eat or drink anything except water for at least 8 hours prior to the test. If the patient is suffering from diabetes the patient must get the test done before taking the morning dose of insulin.

    For a post prandial blood sugar test you may want to eat your food exactly 2-hour before the test.

    It is also important that you do not consume alcohol on the day of the test and even few days before the test. Excessive stress, smoking and caffeine intake should be avoided before the test.

    What do the results indicate?

    For fasting blood sugar test, a blood glucose level of less than or equal to 100 mg/dL is considred normal.

    For post prandial blood sugar test, a values below 140 mg/dL for people younger than age 50 is normal. For those in the age group of 50-60 it should be less than 150 mg/dL and for senior citizens above age 60 it should be less than 160 mg/dL.

    Conditions that can influence blood glucose levels are severe stress, acromegaly (excessive production of growth hormone), medicines like corticosteroids and those taken for diabetes, low thyroid hormone levels, liver diseases, kidney failure, anorexia.

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