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  • HIV 1 and 2 Spot Test (Rapid Test)

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    There is a lot of misconception about HIV and AIDS. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS and therefore many individuals who are infected with HIV virus don’t even know if they have HIV until they do a check up. It is important to know that HIV comes in two forms: HIV 1 and HIV 2. While HIV 1 is found globally, HIV 2 is mainly found in western Africa. However, in the last few years, HIV 2 has gradually spread to the United States also. The rapid or spot HIV tests can provide results in a few hours.

    HIV 1 and 2 Spot Test (Rapid Test)

    Cost Rs. 250/-

    What is HIV 1 and HIV 2 test?

    The HIV 1 and HIV 2 Rapid test is used for screening HIV infections. The test is used to detect antibodies to HIV 1 and HIV 2. With the help of this test HIV infections can be detected in individuals by 3 months after exposure.

    Why is it done?

    This test is usually ordered to look for HIV infection. If the doctor suspects that the individual has signs and symptoms that indicate HIV infection then this test is ordered. Women also undergo this test when they plan to get pregnant or when they are in the early phase of pregnancy. This test is also done when the individual has had unprotected sex with more than one partner, or has had sex with another man, or has used street drugs using the needle, or has had a sex with an HIV partner. Individuals who are diagnosed with health conditions like hepatitis, tuberculosis and STD might also undergo this test. Any individual who wants to be sure that they don’t have HIV can take this test.

    How do I prepare for the test?

    HIV 1 and HIV 2 Rapid test is a regular blood test and therefore no special preparation is required.

    What do the results indicate?

    If you are taking the test soon after the HIV infection the results would be negative. The antibodies develop during the 3 to 12 weeks exposure period and therefore it is recommended that you get HIV test done again or take it on a yearly basis to check for possible exposure to the virus.

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