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  • Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH)

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    Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) is an enzyme that converts sugar into energy which is then used by different organs of the body. This enzyme is present in the liver, heart, pancreas, kidneys, lymph tissues, skeletal muscles and blood cells. However, when the cells in the body are damaged LDH is released in the bloodstream.

    Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH)

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    Why is the LDH test done?

    The LDH test is primarily done to evaluate and look for signs of body tissue or cell damage. This test is also done to monitor infections and conditions like kidney disease and liver disease. The test is also ordered to evaluate certain types of cancers or to monitor the cancer treatment. It could also be ordered to evaluate issues like a muscle injury, muscular dystrophy, heart stroke, and tissue death. It is usually done as part of the Liver Function Test profile.

    How do I prepare for the test?

    Lactate dehydrogenase test is a regular blood test and therefore there is no special preparation required for this test. However, avoid consuming Vitamin C before the test.

    What do the results indicate?

    The normal values of the test results may differ from lab to lab. This test is usually done in conjunction with other tests like ALT, AST and ALP tests. Hence, your doctor will be able to evaluate your health in a better way based on the results of all the tests and other health factors.

    The normal range for LDH in blood is:

    Newborns – 160 – 450 U/L

    Infants – 100 – 250 U/L

    Children – 60 – 170 U/L

    Adults – 100 – 190 U/L

    Normal LDH level in cerebrospinal fluid:

    Newborns – Less than or equal to 70 U/L

    Adults – Less than or equal to 40 U/L

    Higher LDH levels in the cerebrospinal fluid would indicate inflammation or infection in the central nervous system.

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