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  • Protein Albumin Globulin AG Ratio

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    Total protein and albumin tests form part of the comprehensive health examination and help in evaluating the overall health of the individual.

    There are two major groups of protein in the blood: albumin and globulin. Albumin is created in the liver and functions to keep the blood from leaking out of the blood vessels. Globulin is created in the liver and by the immune system as well. They help in transporting iron to the blood and fighting foreign infection.

    Protein test

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    What is Protein Test?

    A protein test is a blood test that measures the total amount of protein in the blood. The test also gives separate values for albumin and globulin and also provides the AG ratio.

    Why is it done?

    The albumin test is done to check the development and functioning of liver and kidneys. It can also be done to ensure that the individual is on the right protein diet. It is also done to find out the cause of swelling of the ankles and abdomen.

    The globulin test value tells you of any chances of developing an infection and to evaluate if you have any blood disease.

    How do I prepare for this test?

    Since this is a regular blood test there is no special preparation required. However, if you are taking any over the counter medication you must let your doctor know about it. Medicines like corticosteroids and insulin can impact the results. You should also let the doctor know if you are pregnant or if there are some injuries or infections prior to the test.

    What do the results indicate?

    The normal value range of the protein test would differ from lab to lab. Hence, you must let your doctor evaluate the overall health condition based on this test and other tests along with it.

    Below is the chart for the normal value range of the protein test
    Total Protein 6.4 – 8.3 mg/dL
    Albumin 3.5 – 5.0 mg/dL

    The normal AG ratio is 0.8 – 2.0 mg/dL and is used as an index of the disease state. Higher albumin levels would indicate severe dehydration while higher globulin levels would indicate disease of the blood like leukaemia. It also indicates an autoimmune disease like rheumatoid arthritis. It also indicates kidney disease, liver disease and tuberculosis. Lower albumin levels would indicate kidney disease, liver disease, autoimmune disease, Crohn’s disease, hyperthyroidism and uncontrolled diabetes.

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