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    The urine is a by-product of the metabolism. Expelled from the kidneys it flows through the urinary bladder and is excreted through the urethra and the process is called urination. While urine is defined as human waste it can tell us a lot about our body. Urine contains many fluids and filtrates that come out of your body and hence can tell you what’s going on inside your body. A urine test is also known as ‘Urinalysis’ or ‘Urine Routine’.

    Urine Routine test

    Cost Rs. 150/-

    What is Urine Routine?

    Urine routine is a simple urine test done to diagnose various health issues. The test is performed by collecting a urine sample from the patient.

    When do doctors order a urine routine?

    Urine routine or urine test is done when an individual is doing a routine body check, or when admitted to the hospital, or before undergoing a surgery or when a woman has a pregnancy check-up.

    A urine routine is ordered when there are symptoms of a urinary tract infection or kidney disease in the patient. Urine routine can also be ordered when the patient has back pain, abdominal pain, frequent urination or painful urination and blood in the urine. It can also be done to check the treatment of conditions like kidney stones, diabetes, hypertension, and other kidney and liver diseases.

    How do I prepare for the test?

    The Urine Routine test is usually done in the morning. However, if you are taking some medications you need to inform your doctor about it as certain medicines can colour your urine. Also, if you are taking diuretics you need to consult with your doctor before the test.

    Avoid eating foods that can colour your urine like beets and blackberries before the test.

    Avoid exertion and do not exercise too hard before the test.

    If you are menstruating or if you are close to your period you should inform your doctor about it.

    What do the test results mean?

    A urine routine can have multiple interpretations and therefore other tests are also ordered to find the actual health issue with the patient. Your doctor evaluate the urine routine results based on your overall health diagnosis and reports.

    Factors Normal Abnormal
    Clarity Clear Cloudy urine due to pus, blood, bacteria, yeast, mucus and parasite infection.
    Colour Pale to dark yellow Dark yellow due to dehydration. Red due to blood in urine. No colour due to kidney disease or diabetes.
    Protein None Protein found due to kidney disease, infection, leukaemia, high blood pressure, and other health issues.
    Glucose Absent Due to diabetes, adrenal gland issue, liver problem, pregnancy, brain injury and kidney disease.
    Odour Nutty Sweet odour due to diabetes. Bad odour due to urinary tract infection.
    Specific Gravity 1.005 – 1.030 High specific gravity means dehydration, vomiting, sweating or diarrhoea. Low specific gravity means severe kidney disease or use of diuretics or drinking excessive water.
    pH 4.6 – 8.0 High pH can be due to kidney disease, severe vomiting, and urinary tract infection. Low pH due to diabetes, diarrhoea,
    dehydration, excessive alcohol, starvation, or lung disease.
    Ketones None Ketones found due to diabetes, eating disorder, alcohol intake, low carb diet.
    Volume 800 to 2500 mL per day -
    Microscopic Analysis None Red blood cells due to kidney or bladder injury, urinary tract infection. White blood cells due to urinary tract infection, bladder tumour, kidney inflammation. A lot of crystals due to kidney stones and damage kidney. Bacteria, yeast and parasites due to urinary tract infection.

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