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  • Acid Fast Bacilli Stain (AFB)

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    What is this test?

    This test detects the bacteria that cause tuberculosis (acid-fast bacilli) in a sputum sample. This test is used to manage mycobacterial infections such as tuberculosis.

    Why do you need to do this test?

    The following are possible reasons why this test may be done:

    • A typical mycobacterial infection
    • Tuberculosis (TB)

    When and how often should I have this test?

    An early morning sputum sample is required. Usually the sample is required for 3 consecutive days to rule out tuberculosis infection in an individual.

    What are normal results for this test?

    A normal result for this test is : Negative

    Positive results are usually reported as follows :

    • 1+ (Rare)
    • 2+ (Few)
    • 3+ (Moderate)
    • 4+ (Many)
    • AFB Not Found
    • Smear Not Performed. Sample not representative of sputum

    Cost : Rs 150/- (1 sample) Cost : Rs /- (3 samples)

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