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  • Mantoux Test (Skin Test for Tuberculosis)

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    What is the Mantoux Test?

    It is one of the tests for finding out whether a person has tuberculosis infection.

    How is the test done?

    0.1 ml of tuberculin purified protein derivative (PPD)is injected into the inner surface of the forearm. The injection is given with a tuberculin syringe. It is an intradermal injection. The injection produces a pale elevation of the skin (a wheal) 6 to 10 mm in diameter.

    Mantoux Test

    Cost Rs. 450/-

    How is the test interpreted?

    The reaction of the skin test is read at 48 hours after administration. A patient who does not return within this time frame will need to undergo another skin test. The reaction is measured in millimeters of the induration (palpable, raised, hardened area or swelling) and not the redness. The diameter of the indurated area should be measured across the forearm (perpendicular to the long axis). Skin test interpretation is correlated on the clinical history and findings of the patient. Vaccination with live viruses may interfere with the skin test reactions.

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