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Disha Pathology Services
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Being healthy is not a habit, it’s a choice. A choice that you should start making from your childhood itself. Be it a regular health check up or a serious issue that has to be addressed, everyone needs to be extremely careful about their health. We all know the importance of a healthy lifestyle and good habits but how much we can adhere to them is a different story all together. This has led to a rise in number of illnesses. Most of us wait for the ailment to occur and then search for a cure. But instead, why not get yourself checked on a regular basis with a routine check up so as to identify the problem in its initial stage itself. We all know prevention is better than cure, right? Keeping the phrase in mind, we have excellent options of medical check ups for people who are looking for preventive medical tests. Our facilities comprise of a variety of health check ups comprise of various blood check-ups all under one roof to make it easier for people to avail high quality treatment and hassle free health check ups.

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  1. Health check-up screen

This is the most basic health screening package that helps to determine the general health of a person. Some of the popular blood check ups included in the package are CBC(Complete Blood Count),  ESR, Cholesterol, Blood group, RH factor, Glucose and urine routine. These general check up tests help in ruling out diabetes, cholesterol and simple infections.

  1. Teenager’s health check-up

Teenage is the groundwork for adulthood making a routine check up all the more important yet neglected. A healthy teenage forms the foundation of a healthy age. Hence, it is vital to have a regular medical check up monitor the physical, emotional and mental development of teenager in order to timely address any health concerns if required. These tests are primarily focussed on addressing issues like anaemia, high cholesterol and general deficiencies.

  1. Pre-marital health check-ups

An imperative medical check up for any one getting married in today’s times. It is often that we ourselves are not fully aware of the condition of our health. One may be suffering from undetected diseases and yet look fit and healthy. It is also not uncommon to find out after marriage that the spouse is a carrier of infectious and hereditary diseases hence causing complications after the marriage. These tests comprising of several routine check ups, therefore can identify potential health issues and risks for themselves and their future bearings. The pre-marital health check up is important for the both the partners to help them understand their genetics and take necessary precautions if needed. Besides general health check ups, the test also covers the screening for HIV, Hepatitis B and fertility issues.

  1. Executive health check-ups

In this fast paced life, it is hard for working individuals to take care of their health. Executive health check up plan focuses on addressing underlying diseases that may be caused due to family histories, poor lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits, all a part of the corporate world. The test comprises of general health check-ups and various specialized blood check ups meant for  diabetes, kidney functions, test for healthy liver and heart along with an x-ray of chest.

  1. Senior citizen health check up

Who does not want to age gracefully? An old age free from illness and health complications is what everyone aspires for, but unfortunately the effects of aging can vary from individual to individual. This special medical check up package designed for senior citizens only helps in identifying diseases at an early stage so that you can enjoy your old age with peace and without worrying much about your health. The test is recommended to be taken by anyone who is over 60 year old and should be repeated at least once a year.

  1. Annual health check-up

The test includes basic urine, stool and blood check up to check your general health. As the name suggests, the idea is to repeat the tests every year so as to catch any concerns at an initial stage and take corrective measures. It is a must take test for anyone who values their life and want to be in tune with the status of their body.

  1. Master check-up

If you are serious about your health and well-being than you should go for nothing but the best. The master health check up is nothing but a complete body medical check up that offers a comprehensive insight on how your body is working for you. The test includes testing for diabetes, general health, thyroid, vitamins, kidney, liver, heart, allergies as well as HIV.

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