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Disha Pathology Services
222, S.V.Road, Old Bandra Talkies, Bandra (W), Mumbai: 400050


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Disha Pathology Services
222, S.V.Road, Old Bandra Talkies
Bandra (W), Mumbai - 400050.

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Phone:+91 22 66949876

Weekdays: 7.30 am to 7.30 pm 
Sundays: Closed


    The health of your employee directly affects the performance of your organization. Employers are usually unaware of the direct connection between health and productivity. Investing in the human capital definitely improves the company’s bottom line, but employers fail to realize the productivity losses that are directly and indirectly related to employee’s poor health. Even if the employer understands the importance of good health, they fail to understand that health and wellbeing is not just threatened by illness and diseases, but also due to workplace insecurities, stress and general dissatisfaction that stems from various other factors. This is exactly why corporate firms and companies today invest in offering their workers and employees a quality healthcare experience which would allow them to boost the overall performance of the organization.

    So, how does corporate health checkup package make things better for their workers and the company itself?


    Improved Quality of Life – In a study by a diagnostic company, 98% of the respondent employees that undergo corporate preventive health checkup mentioned that it has helped them to improve the quality of life and that reflects on their performance at work. Corporates were able to see a rise in the performance and productivity of the employees because they were feeling better physically and mentally.


    Reduction in Absenteeism – Corporate health checkup package have also led to 10% reduction in the loss of working days which again directly improves the productivity level of the company. This also reduces the company cost by 30% of hiring and training new workers and employees.


    Better Work Environment and Employee Morale – Corporates often prefer to have a great working environment where workers are cheerful and positive. With preventive health checkups, organizations have seen a direct correlation between work performance and employee morale. It is usually found that low-income group employees suffer from infectious diseases while high-income employee group is affected by chronic diseases due to their sedentary lifestyle.


    Pre-Employment Checkups – With the help of pre-employment checkups you can hire a healthy workforce to your organization. You can be sure that the candidates undergoing to test are fit to carry out the job and that they can be productive to the company.


    Promotes Company Loyalty – Surprisingly, corporate health checkup package not just boosts employee morale, but also promotes company loyalty and retention of skilled labour and staff. It enhances the company brand value and attracts the best talent in the industry.


    At Disha Pathology Services, we offer customized corporate health checkup package to provide your employees with a quality health checkup experience. We offer pre-employment checkups’ plans, annual health evaluations, and specific disease profile checkup to monitor the health of your workforce.

      Our medical checkup plans include

    • Eye Testing
    • General Physical Checkup
    • ECG Reporting
    • X-Ray
    • Blood Testing
      We are currently the preferred health partner for :

    • Samsara Group
    • Hind Terminals
    • Merchant Shipping Services
    • MSC Agency
    • Trident – BKC
    • Quantmatics
    • Zycus
    • Life Insurance Corporation of India
    For more information, please contact us at +91 22 66949876 / 9833141024 or email us at for any test requirement or any query related to our pathology lab

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