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Disha Pathology Services
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Disha Pathology Services
222, S.V.Road, Old Bandra Talkies
Bandra (W), Mumbai - 400050.

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Weekdays: 7.30 am to 7.30 pm 
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    Pre-Employment Checkup
    Price  Rs. 2900/-

    Employees are the most important asset of any business organization in the world. An employer hiring an employee would want to eliminate any uncertainties with regards to the health of the employee. The Pre-employment medical checkup procedure helps employers to determine if the person is healthy or safe enough to work with a certain job. It also eliminates the possibilities of any problems or limitations that can occur in the near future especially when the employee is handling heavy machinery or items that are unsafe for health. With the help of pre-employment medical screening, employers can be sure that they are investing in the right employees that can offer them productivity and are fit for the roles they have applied for.


    Safety is one of the main concerns of employers, but with a pre-employment medical checkup, employers can ensure that the candidates that they select are healthy and fit for the job responsibilities they will take over. This actually makes it convenient and easier for the employers to avoid any unwanted scenarios at a later stage. With a safer working condition and environment, employers can ensure that employees working have a good physical and mental health that would offer maximum productivity.


    With pre-employment medical checkup, employers can also reduce the number of workplace injuries. If the candidate already has certain health conditions that are not revealed during the interview they can examine during the pre-employment medical screening and that allows employers to make informed decisions. The pre-employment medical checkup also minimizes the downtime because employers want to extract the best out of their employees and when they choose fit and healthy employees they are able to achieve it.


    The pre-employment medical tests also can help employers in the reduction of workers claim and insurance and therefore employers can bring down the overall cost. It also reduces the overall cost of employment and recruitment because employers can be sure that they have fit and healthy employees for the assigned job positions.


    At Disha Pathology, we do a pre-employment medical checkup of prospective employees prior to commencing work and offer a complete report to the employers.


    The Pre Employment Medical Check Up is suitable for adults of either sex. It includes the basic investigations required to determine the candidate’s medical fitness for employment.


    Check Up Details

    • Haemoglobin
    • Total WBC Count
    • Differential WBC Count
    • ESR
    • Fasting Blood Glucose
    • Cholesterol
    • SGPT
    • Creatinine
    • Blood Group
    • HIV 1 & 2 (ELISA)
    • VDRL
    • Urine Examination
    • Chest X-RAY
    • CONSULTATION and General Checkup with Physician


       Test Cost Rs. 2900/-



    • Prior appointment is essential.
    • To make an appointment, please contact +91 22 66949876 at least 48 hours in advance between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Alternatively you could send an e-mail at
    • Cancellations should be intimated at least 24 hours in advance.
    • Please arrive at the laboratory on the 2nd floor of Shroff Eye Hospital by 8.00 am on the scheduled date of the health check-up.
    • A minimum of 12 hours fasting and abstinence from consuming alcohol the night before is required. No food or beverage/milk etc. other than plain water should be consumed the morning.
    • Please bring all your earlier medical records when you come for the check up.
    • Regular medication can be taken.
    • Diabetic patients: No anti diabetic drugs should be taken in the morning. Please carry the drug/insulin, to be taken with breakfast.
    • Please consult your regular Physician in case any special/additional investigations are required to be done and inform us accordingly.
    • Reports are available the same day. We can courier the reports to the address provided by you if so desired.

    Price  Rs. 2900/-

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